Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Everything you need to know about Flexpay Lipia polepole in one place

Flexpay - Lipiapolepole for Products

Lipia polepole is available in all Flexpay partner merchants store. The customer selects the product they wish to buy, gets registered or self registers themselves, pays within a duration of 90 days at their own pace. After which they receive a congratulations message upon full payment that they use to check out from the partner merchant.

Flexpay Chama

Flexpay Chamas  are virtually organized chamas/groups of savers that run for 6 months for phases one and two respectively. The first phase runs from January to June and is disbanded in June while the second one runs from July to December and is disbanded in December.

During the disbursement, each saver receives the total amount saved within the phase duration. The customer is at liberty to choose to get back the amount in a lump sum or check out from any of Flexpay partner merchants.

Flexpay Chamas are divided per contribution, one joins the chama that fits their budget. We have chamas of Ksh 1,000, 2,000, 3,000,4,000 all the way to Ksh. 10,000 and all contributions are done monthly.

Flexpay Goals

Open goals provide customers with the flexibility to save for any specific item or objective they desire within their own timeline. Whether it's a dream vacation,rent, school fees, a new gadget, or a home renovation project, users can create savings goals tailored to their personal preferences, pay overtime and receive the saved amount in lump sum. 

How much interest does Flexpay charge?

There are no extra charges. There is absolutely 0% interest.

Who Qualifies For Flexpay?

Everyone qualifies to use Flexpay - No documents are needed

How do I join Flexpay

You can join Flexpay through any of the channels below,

1. USSD *384*30#

2. Flexpay APP

3. Flexpay Website

4. Flexpay Marketplace

5. Flexpay Partner Merchant - Outlet or website

Can I change my Item within 90 days?

Yes, But within the same partner merchant you did your reservation from.You only need to identify the item you wish to change to and ask the attendant to effect the change for you.

What happens if the 90 days elapses

You are allowed to continue making payments, but in the event the price changes, you will pay the current price. Also, in the event the item goes out of stock, you will pick the model available.

Can pay for more than 90 days?

Yes, You can create a Flexpay Goal and pay in instalments for as long as you'd want.

What if I can no longer make payments?

You can take a different item, worth the amount paid or you can get a shopping voucher that you can use to shop any item with. To get a shopping voucher, You only need to call our customer care number 0719725060 and request for one. The voucher is instant and you can use it to shop ANY item at the store.

What happens if the price changes?

The customer is requested to top up the balance before checkout

How does one make subsequent payments?

You can use 1. The till number 700164 2. Via USSD *384*30# 3. Via Flexpay App

What is Flexpay's Till Number?

Flexpay Till Number is 700164

What is the minimum deposit one should make?

At Least Ksh.500

How do I check out a product?

You receive a congratulations message that you present to the partner merchant upon completion of payment. The merchant validates the receipt code for checkout

Who pays for the delivery?

The customer. The merchant informs the customer the delivery fee depending on the location. This payment is done directly to the merchant NOT Flexpay.

How much is the delivery fee?

The delivery fee depends on the customer's location and the size of the item, it also depends on the medium the merchant uses, eg, G4S. Note: Different merchants have different delivery models, some delivery at your doorstep for free, others delivery to your nearest G4S Office for free. Before making the reservation, kindly enquire about the delivery.

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