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A unique and innovative way to receive and manage flexible and affordable piecemeal payments for goods and services.

About Us

FlexPay is a product in response to the high demand in the market for purchasing goods via piecemeal payments. FlexPay provides a secured system that manages the purchase process.

Who are we

Flexpay Technologies is a company that offers an automated platform to enable merchants and their customers manage flexible payments for both goods and services across mobile money and bank transfer platforms.

What we do

Flexpay has hearkened to the call of the common mwananchi who may not be able to make a one off payment for their goods and services.

Why choose us

We are the leading provider of a flexible payment solution, which creates convenience to both merchants and customers.

How it Works

How Flexpay platform works

  1. Customer identifies a product (a good or a service) from a store, on either offline or online, under FlexPay plan and sends the product’s unique code i.e (Flexpay test001) to FlexPay short code (20880), and instantly gets a message with instructions on how to proceed to reserving and paying for the product. NB: Ensure to put a space between the word “Flexpay” and the code, for this case Test001.
  2. Customer can then pay a deposit using either mobile money or bank transfer. E.g. via Mpesa Customer sends deposit amount to a Till Number via buy Goods feature.
  3. FlexPay acknowledges receipt of the amount and specifies the remaining balance and the payment duration while displaying the paid Amount instantly via an SMS. The customer can then be making flexible payments of any amount, anytime and from anywhere conveniently via mobile phone till completion.
  4. Depending on the Merchant, FlexPay sends automatic reminders to a customer about his/her payment status for the item booked periodically.
  5. Customer pays the outstanding balance in installments as they wish but within the stipulated period of payment duration.
  6. FlexPay notifies the customer when the amount is fully paid to collect his item from the store and automatically makes an e-reciept.
  7. The store owner can then send promotional messages to the customer regarding new products they have in store.

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Our Team

Meet the Team That Makes All Your Payments easier, more cool and convinient.

Our Services

We have an unparalleled range of services to help you get the most from making your payments with us for goods and services.

Buying Goods

Shopping from a wide range of vendors. Supermarkets, Electronic shops (TVs, laptops, mobile phones, Fridges etc.), Furnitures Stores, Renewable Energy Distributors, e-commerce platforms, hardwares,plots E.T.C.

School Fees

Allows managing flexible and affordable fee payments in Colleges, High Schools, Driving schools, Universities, primary schools, polytechnics, beauty colleges, pay flexible payments in advance e.t.c

Church Fund

Its now easier for church members to contribute and fullfil their obligations of making offerings to God through a convinient method. Church Fund includes : Tithes, offering, pledges, donations and development funds

Hotels,Tours and Travel

Flexpay offers a payment plan that allows customers to reserve in advance, for their next holiday at Hotels or recreation centers of their choice in easy, flexible and manageable installments.


We help those people seeking to raise funds through our platform. This help them reach their donors through a basic sms. The senarios includes: Wedding pledges, hospital bill funding or event a startup funding.

Paying Bills

You can now pay those huge bills in flexible terms. Flexpay technologies brings ease and convenience in paying for those huge bills and loans by introducing flexible terms. These bills include rentals, SACCO loans e.t.c

Our Features

Our application has the following features.

SMS Booking

A FlexPay item code is generated for every product that you want to reserve.

Payment terms

Uses various payment methods, includes mobile money, card payments and e-payments

Target Balance

Upon making payment, the system computes the balance and due time for completion. The client also receives automated reminders.

Amount of Payment terms

Make payments for as low as KShs. 10 using Mobile money or other payment methods. Anytime and from anywhere


The Flexpay system generates a unique e-receipt upon completion of payment.

Convenient Payment

Easily traceable, actual, real time and reliable status of payments to both Customers and merchants.

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Email: business@flexpay.co.ke
Adress: Chandaria Business Center,Kenyatta University,Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: (+254) 723-005-304 | (+254) 724-263-879
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