Streamline your cashflow with FlexPay

We offer an automated platform to enable merchants and their customers manage flexible payments for both goods and services.

  1. 1

    Customer identifies a product

    And sends the product’s unique code i.e (Flexpay test001) to FlexPay short code (20880), and instantly gets a message with instructions on how to proceed to reserving and paying for the product.

  2. 2

    Customer makes a payment

    The customer can then be making flexible payments of any amount, anytime and from anywhere conveniently via mobile phone till completion.

  3. 3

    Customer Picks Product

    Once they make a full payment, they pick the item and we cash out the marchant.


FlexPay is simple yet distinct, making it an ideal starting point for your business whether it be a small shop or a huge company with a nationwide presence.

School Fees

Ideal for large and small schools to help collect payments from parents.

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Church Funds

A highly adaptable church fund collection utility that's simple and start forward.

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Sms Booking

A FlexPay item code is generated for every product that you want to reserve.


The Flexpay system generates a unique e-receipt upon completion of payment.

Convenient Payments

Easily traceable, actual, real time and reliable status of payments to both Customers and merchants.

Target Balance

Upon making payment, the system computes the balance and due time for completion.

Our Products

We have built a suite of products that are ideal for any business to plug into and get transacting quick and hustle free.

  • “There's a feeling of structure that you can't find in other payment
    solutions out there”
    Jame Mwai
    Tuskeys Supermarket
  • “Since we started using Flexpay, we have seen a significant
    increase in sales.”
    B Wahome
    HomeMatt Supermarkets

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